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Yu Kadowaki

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Doi Itsuqi

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ambient of TIME/V.A
2011.4.6 release
Whereabouts Records

Material or formless? Concepts or changes?
The concept of time and how we grasp what "time" means varies by person while it controls our behaviors.
The favorite time, the relaxed time, the anxious time, the change by time, and the memories and the forgetfulness.
what if it's put in sounds?
All 10 tunes written by 10 musicians, who had kept thinking over the gtimeh, create a current of lenient time, piling up afterimages.

Album Concept
We are living under the concept of time.
Time - It seems that all the creatures and even the universe have been controlled by time. However, that is not really "time." It is, in fact, the gchange.h
The existence of time is an absolute axis of our activities. On the other hand, these moments give different meaning for each person and exist.
The ambient of time.
How do we grasp what it is?
And what would it become if it's expressed in sounds..

artist : Various Artists
title : ambient of TIME
cat# : WHACD-5
date : 2011-04-06

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<track list>
01. el fog / Time, Memory
02. Psychedeism / dawn chorus
03. Tatsuhiko Asano / Quartz
04. radi strand / absence of time
05. atrem / under cover of winter's night
06. Yu Kadowaki / Tokinokane
07. Mujika Easel / Le reve de l'apres-midi
08. naph / music for etv
09. Tadahiko Yokogawa
@@@/ Au long de la riviere nocturne
10. Doi Itsuqi / Hakalame

mp3 192kbps 1:30

Copyright (c) 2011 Whereabouts RecordsAll rights reserved.