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2011.12.14 release
1.dreaming in the proximity of Mars
3.nubian clouds over Saskia
4.washing in slow colours
5.siamese bloom
6.this crying age
cat#: WHACD-7
price: 2,000yen(tax in)

Two kinds of packages

1.標準パッケージ 紙ジャケットピン留め
2.ティン・ボックス仕様 初回オーダー世界限定100枚

Masayoshi Fujita a.k.a. el fog (Vibraphone) on track 4
Naomi Sato (field recordings-voices) on track 5
taishi kamiya (saxophone) on track 5
Miko (poetry reading) on track 6
Produced between spring 2010 and autumn 2011.
Jorge Mantas: synthesizers, electronics, lloopp.
Yui Onodera : piano, electric guitars, field recordings, processing.
Mastered by yui onodera.
Photography by mai chaya.

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