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The Extreme Beauty.
This Ambient/Drone is an overly beautiful production of Yui Onodera, the Portuguese Drone artist who leads the Beautiful Schizophonic and Japanese Ambient scene.

It is the second collaborative work followed up on a previous work, 'Radiance.'
This album is available in two packages: the world limited edition of 100 Tin Box and card wallet.

This is the second collaborative work of Jorge Mantas known as Portuguese's The Beautiful Schizophonic and Yui Onodera.
'Night Blossom' succeeded and repolished the delicateness and lucidity in Ambient/Drone to the previous collaborative work 'Radiance,' which is released in 2009 and aroused considerable interest worldwide.
Its sensitive Drone that is like an aggregate of particles floating in the air and the soundscape that is scaled up with its processed natural sound and the full-of-sights piano sound are well described in the work.
Four Japanese musicians participate in this piece: elfog's magnificent Vibraphone (M-4) which conveys the image of a boundless swamp, and Taishi Kamiya's M-5 that creates new kind of sensibility by processing soprano saxophone, Naomi Sato's field recording (M-5), and Miko's Japanese poetry reading (M-6). The voice enfolds the sensitive Drone, leaving a lasting impression.'Night Blossom' is available in two different packages. The world limited edition of 100 Tin Box contains photo-cards and a track list sheet, and impressive artwork arranging a female model makes the jacket of Card Wallet, the regular package.

comments on 'Night Blossom'
Sawako (12k, anticipate,schole)

Itfs like buds dreaming all over the lotus pond.
Itfs like feeling nostalgic for a planetfs lifetime on white sands under the moonlight.
Itfs like swimming between memories of DNA in a deep place of consciousness.
Itfs like an overlap of small creaturesf wriggling that pours forth the ripples of air.
Itfs like a small craft on a great river where time and space are shuffled.
Itfs like someonefs crystal of sorrow is melting softly.
Itfs these six scenes that smell like a chilly windy night.
Junichi OGURO (43d)
'Night Blossom' reminds the fragment of memory, spreading the soundscape created by beautiful processing.
Resolution of natural sound obtained by field recording and grandeur of time will be felt in this work.
Sonic world in this work that overlooks time expands the unexplored area of music by Ambient/Drone.

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