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The Beautiful Schizophonic
The Beautiful Schizophonic is the pseudonym of Portuguese sound designer Jorge Mantas. Starting this moniker in 2004, the artist soon developed his own vision of drone music through the composition of shimmering melodic layers, creating a delicate web of micro-textures and undulating waves of sounds. In records or in live performances, The Beautiful Schizophonic is exploring the affective resonance of psychological and physical environments around the listener. gMusicamorosah the debut album, was somehow a groundbreaker in the genre, combining elegant multilayered drones with an overall sensual but at the same time mysterious ambience. It defined the musical style of the artist and established an unusual romantic thematic, developed on a more conceptual level. gErotikonh went further on this intense imagery of audio seduction, with its digital post-orchestral drones. The pure ecstatic bliss of love is best represented on the album in themes such as gBambila`nyh and gAyshah, with the ethereal vocals of Christina Vantzou (part of The Dead Texan) giving a sweet aftertaste. The collaboration with Japanese composer and multi-instrumentalist Yui Onodera, gRadianceh was another highlight of the discography, blending entwined textures, melancholic pianos and the daydream realism of environmental recordings. The Beautiful Schizophonic has also performed live in festivals or solo in Portugal and England , composed soundtracks for films and created audio-visual installations. More works in the making for a promising future in sound.My Space

Yui Onodera
Yui Onodera (b.1982) is a composer, sound artist and sound space designer based in Tokyo, Japan. In terms of environmental functions and spacial relationships of sound, he employs materials from various sources ranging from field recordings, electronics, and voices, to various musical instruments, for process-based restrained electroacoustic pieces. Onodera's recordings have been released from labels in different countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, the US, and Japan. Besides?works?on a solo basis, Onodera has created collaborative recordings with other sound artists and musicians since around 2007. Onodera founded the Critical Path label in 2005, on which he released recordings including his debut and second solo albums. He performs in live contexts and also organizes concerts for other artists and himself.?The venues of his past concerts include?NTT Inter Communication Center, Jiyu Gakuen Myounichi-kan designed by Frank Lloyd Wright,Iwate Museum Of Art, Kawagoe City Museum?amongst others.?Onodera's sound pieces also have been featured in dance / butoh performances, experimental films, and websites.?He is also a founding member of sound art group +LUS with Junji Koyanagi, Taishi Kamiya, and Yukitomo Hamasaki.
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